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Sake and Shochu, the exhilarating beverages of Japan, are brought to you in India for the first timeby Bizwin Consulting Co. Ltd., based in Japan, with offices at Tokyo and Kobe. Bizwin directly imports Sake and Shochu made by two top of the line companies, Kamix Corporation and Kobe Shu-Shin-Kan Breweries Ltd.

Kamix is a multi-business conglomerate with a proven track record of manufacturing and trading excellence. Bizwin brings to India two types of Shochu and one Sake made by Kamix.

Kobe Shu-Shin-Kan Breweries Ltd. is a member of the Nadagogo Group, and has an enviable reputation in the distilling and brewing industry. Kobe Shu-Shin-Kan Breweries Ltd.’s Fukuju Junmai Ginjo, a fine Sake, has won the Gold at the London Sake Challenge 2012.

Both Kamix and Kobe Shu-Shin-Kan Breweries Ltd. are Japan’s premium Sake and Shochu producers, and Bizwin ensures that their amazing product range is made available to the adventurous spirit drinkers of India. The opportunity to enjoy Japan’s best Sake and Shochu will be a glorious milestone in the hospitality sector in India.

India Operations

For all trade enquiries for Sake and Shochu in India,

please contact Mr. Ravikrishnan Kakkirikkan

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