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Here’s news worth celebrating. Japan’s national spirit - Shochu, and Sake - the popular traditional rice beverage of that country, are now being exclusively brought to India. Enjoy these fine drinks that have already garnered lavish praise from connoisseurs and revelers alike around the world.

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Sake is at the heart of Japanese culture. This magnificently rich brewed beverage, made from rice, is part of every occasion worth celebrating in Japan. It is offered to the Gods during New Year, used in consecrating a new building or during a wedding ceremony and at many more events. Sake is delightful to drink, with no ill tastes normally connected with alcoholic drinks of different strengths. Sake generally has an alcohol content of 18% - 20% and is an exceptional drink that it can be enjoyed either hot or cold. It can be enjoyed warmed, chilled or at room temperature.

Sake is usually refrigerated, and due to its sensitivity to light, has to be kept away from direct light. Once a bottle is opened, the contents need to be consumed as soon as possible since the fine edge of Sake flavour may be lost when exposed over a long period of time.

Quality of Sake depends on the rice, water and brewing techniques used to make it. Our Sake is made of the famed Yamada rice. Miyamizu, the best water in Japan for Sake is our key ingredient. Along with that, fine brewing techniques perfected over generations make our Sake the best of Japan, and much awarded too!

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Shochu can be enjoyed in many different ways. Have fun with the different options for drinking shochu! And what’s more, shochu goes well will a variety of foods.

Straight. Shochu is often drunk straight – adding nothing. This can be done in room temperature or with chilled or heated shochu.

Roku (on the rocks). The ice as it melts releases more subtle shochu flavours. Finish the drink before the shochu becomes very watered down, muting those same flavors.

Mizuwari (with cold water). Drinking shochu with a dash of water will release more complex flavours. From 60% to 30% shochu is used in this mix with water, according to individual taste or choice.

Oyuwari (with hot water). First, add hot water to a glass. Then pour in the shochu. No need to stir. Both aromas and flavours are released. Great on cold nights.

Chu-hai (cocktails). Make interesting cocktails with neutral and light shochus. Chu-hai cocktails are most often made with ice + soda water + a fruit juice such as lime, grapefruit, orange, citrus, apple, grape, kiwi, peach, lychee, or plum.

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Awarded Around the World

The Sake that Bizwin brings to India is not only the best of Japan, but of the whole world. Most recent example is the Fukuju Junmai Ginjo, a fine Sake from our product range, which won the Gold at the London Sake Challenge 2012. Our Sake has been consistently and consecutively winning top awards at the International Wine Challenge and International Sake Challenge, apart from many other prestigious awards. Amazingly, our Sake from Kobe Shu-Shin-Kan Breweries Ltd. has won 12 Gold Prizes for six consecutive years.

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